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Monk Parakeet (9) (Myiopsitta monachus) User: herman lawetz  (See all photos - 92) (Comments - 6)
Spain 3 Mar 08 Canon XTi w/100-400mm Guadalhorce, Malaga, Spain Old World Birds Found a colony of these birds from the racket they made in front of an apartment building, facing the sanctuary.
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Date: March 3, 2008
Details: Adult
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Blue-headed Parrot (3) (Pionus menstruus) User: herman lawetz  (See all photos - 92) (Comments - 6)
Panama 25 Dec 07 Canon XTi w/EF100-400 Farallon, Cocle, Panama On our first walk into the village, we saw this bird in a front yard shrub. It was a kept, tamed, but free bird. (Pione a tete bleue)
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Date: December 25, 2007
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Yellow-crowned Parrot (1) (Amazona ochrocephala) User: herman lawetz  (See all photos - 92) (Comments - 6)
Panama 3 Jan 08 Canon XTi w/EF 100-400 Farallon, Cocle, Panama Walking from the hotel De Camaron, I saw at the edge of my vision a Grackle chasing another bird. It ended abruptly in a small flowering shrub. I saw nothing until I approached tripod on the ready. At 15m I could make out the parrot. Because of the circumstances it is one of my favourite shots.
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Date: January 3, 2008
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